Doric Corporation Downtown Miami
 > 10% of our income goes back to the communities we serve.
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"I am most proud of the people that make up Doric. They live and breathe the quality, fair dealing and integrity we stand for."
             -Denis Doric, Founder and CEO

Anyone who's ever had an extraordinary experience will never forget the feeling, or the person that created it. That's why, at the Doric Corporation, we harness our creativity, honesty, integrity, and concern for our fellow men and women to create extraordinary experiences for our clients. Our goal is a simple one: To become a trusted partner for life.

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The Icon in Brickell
465 Brickell Ave
Miami, Florida
Experience the unparalleled amenities of a boutique hotel, without ever having to leave home. Through a collaboration with Viceroy, the Icon Brickell is waiting to treat you to absolute elegance and grace.